Release tension, promote free flowing breath, nourish the skin and the spirit with beautiful, gentle aromatic blends


A very warm welcome to Ntuka. A small scale artisan brand with a wholesome approach that uses skin care as a medium to provide nurturing that stretches beyond skin nourishment. Very relevant in modern day society with more and more people looking to find uncomplicated, accessible ways to help them relax and care for themselves in the comfort of their own homes.


Hugely influenced by my love of all things natural, modern and ancient aromatherapy, here at Ntuka, it's all about being adventurous, daring and tapping into my intuition to produce some rather unusual, combinations of true essential oils in equally authentic bases with the view to offer the Ntuka customers a super nourishing and nurturing experience that they will want to revisit over and over again. 


Skin care that aims to bring vitality and balance to both our mind and the skin. Supporting them both to be the best that they can be in their natural happy state.

Skin Care