Enhancing our sense of wellbeing and beauty

A Very Warm Welcome to Ntuka

An independent, small venture that is dedicated to trusting in nature and ancient rituals to create plant based skincare through a combined process of sourcing naturally grown plant extracts and essences and putting them together to formulate uncomplicated, harmonious products that offer nourishment to both our skin and our emotions.

Uncomplicated skincare for all genders and race. 

through the power of our sense of smell

Aromas are notorious for being the source of memory triggers, unpleasant and pleasant.


Carefully chosen and gently infused into each product is a combination of natural plant fragrances. Selected to enrich the skin nourishing potential of the blends as well as offering us the opportunity to access pleasure through one of our most sensitive and acute asset, our sense of smell!

To offer a holistic, loving and nurturing experience that allows one to create little stories or build on existing ones.

The set intention is to simply and purely share the tried and tested empowering magic of aromatic plants. Their ability to positively impact on our skin's health and our emotional well-being when safely incorporated into our daily rituals.

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