A warm welcome to Ntuka

A little home of plant powered cruelty free skin care

A wholesome approach to nurturing and nourishing the body, mind and spirit through the power of scent and our loving tender touch

Taking inspiration from ancient and modern aromatherapy, Ntuka offers uniquely scented plant based blends designed to support our skin's long term health. To help it be the best that it can be at any given age (adults that is) with beautiful natural aromas that aim to help you and me have a positive outlook while we navigate our way through life as it presents itself to us.

All of the products are hand blended in very small batches here in Bristol UK, using certified organic and wild crafted ingredients.


Sourced from small communities of my beloved continent, Africa and other parts of the world by a few, carefully selected group of reputable traders who have many years of experience in sourcing the finest ingredients and over the years have developed strong relationships and partnerships with the communities that they trade with.

There is a committed emphasis on sustainability, fair trade and the welfare of their partners particularly in countries where everyday living can be a difficult challenge economically. Ntuka is proud to be a very small part of that commitment.

I am delighted to be able to share Ntuka's current little collection with you. I do hope that you are able to find something here for you or your loved one. 

Like any small independent business, I do hope to grow, learn and develop Ntuka as a sustainable and conscious business that holds a special place in your daily rituals and hearts and thank you for stopping by,


Binkie - founder

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