Here at Ntuka it's all about nurturing aromatic oils that support and promote long term skin health and our spiritual health

Aromatic blends that are much more than Skin care

All the Ntuka blends are created and inspired by the idea that what we put on our skin can have ample benefits that go beyond skin care. Skin care that also brings joy and harmony to our souls with every application. Using aromatic oils as the back bone of each formulation. 


Each blend is formulated with the precise intention to bring us the opportunity to experience pleasure through our sense of touch and smell during those intimate moments when we create the space to  nurture ourselves. This could be through bathing with aromatic salts or simply applying a nourishing beautifully scented oil to your face, body or hair. 

True and genuine aromatic oils are believed to posses the ability and potential to have a profound impact on our outer and inner being when safely incorporated into our daily rituals. Here at Ntuka it's all about trusting in that divine and harmonious nature of these precious oils and without comprise, sourcing those that are treated with the outmost deserved respect from seed to bottle.


Capturing their beautiful and pretty powerful magic with integrity and love in the best quality bottles and jars that I can find and then sharing them with you all, in order for us to benefit from this worldwide ancient beauty practice of relying on nature to make ourselves look and feel really good 

The beggining of Ntuka

Having had my last chid who was still a baby, I began to have strong feelings of not wanting to ever leave her in the care of someone else to return to my previous 9 to 5 work.

This prompted a somewhat desperate search for an alternative.

In my search, for ideas and encouragement, I looked for inspiring stories or tales of those mothers or fathers that have also been in my situation. There were so many examples, particularly of women who had gone on to successfully pursue alternative careers that gave them the freedom to be the mothers that they yearned to be.

Armed with lots of encouraging stories, the search gained vigour.

I had already developed an obsession for aromatherapy or essential oils by this time. An instant attraction that would become part of my everyday life. By chance or perhaps by destiny, I came across an article about these precious oils.

The connection deepened instantly and I derailed my fear of everything new and unknown and went on to build Ntuka. A little plant based skin care line that is gaining momentum slowly by slowly.


I am determined to grow and develop Ntuka as a brand that is truly special on every level.

Sourcing Ingredients

All of the current Ntuka products are made with certified organic, food grade essential oils. Certified organic and wild harvested plant oil and butters


Sourced from very experienced traders who source ingredients of the purest and highest quality.


Progressive traders, who are actively engaged in ethical and sustainable practices that range from operating in premises that are green energy powered, to paying decent amounts to their fellow traders (fair trade), to actively supporting women led cooperatives and supporting children in need in some parts of the world 

Traders that you and I can fully trust

Each product is housed in high quality, luxurious miron glass, known for it's excellent efficiency in preserving it's contents. 

The authentic quality of the ingredient can

be felt in each individual blend

I thank you all very much and look forward to serving you for the first time and to continue serving you, the loyal Ntuka friends

With love, from me, Binkie

©  Ntuka Skincare  2020                                    

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