• Aromas are notorious for being the source of memory triggers, unpleasant and pleasant.


Ntuka blends aim to offer nothing but the opportunity to access pleasure through one of our most sensitive and acute asset, our sense of smell!

To offer a holistic, loving and nurturing experience that allows one to create little stories or build on existing ones.

  • The beautiful and complex aromas of plants are the drive and source of inspiration for Ntuka. What carries each and every individual blend is it's unique scent. All of the products are eloquently balanced with natural plant fragrances that fill the air with mind invigorating gentle energies that reawaken the fire within.

The unwavering approach

Ntuka is an independent, small venture that is dedicated to trusting in nature and ancient rituals to create real natural skincare through a combined process of sourcing naturally grown plant extracts and essences and putting them together to formulate uncomplicated, lovely products that are suitable for all genders and skin types.


The set intention is to simply and purely share the tried and tested empowering magic of aromatic plants on our body, mind and spirit when safely incorporated in our daily practice.


Ethical stance


Ntuka's current little collection of beautifully formulated blends results from a combination of botanical extracts and essences sourced from farming communities of my beloved continent, Africa and other parts of the world by reputable traders, who work directly with co-operatives and local communities with a strong emphasis on fair trade, the welfare of the producers, the land and it's generous resources.

Enhancing our sense of wellbeing and beauty

through the power of our sense of smell

Introducing a new pot of goodness to Ntuka's little collection. Enriched with Africa's nourishing treasures of mafura butter, shea butter and marula oil 

  • Available in the shop from 27th February 2020

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