The beginning of Ntuka

Having had my last chid who was still a baby, I began to have strong feelings of not wanting to ever leave her in the care of someone else to return to my previous 9 to 5 work. This prompted a somewhat desperate search for an alternative.

In my search, for ideas and encouragement, I looked for inspiring stories or tales of those mothers or fathers that have also been in my situation. There were so many examples, particularly of women who had gone on to successfully pursue alternative careers that gave them the freedom to be the mothers that they yearned to be. 


Armed with lots of encouraging stories, the search gained vigour.

I had already developed an obsession for aromatherapy or essential oils by this time. An instant attraction that would become part of my everyday life. By chance or perhaps by destiny, I came across an article about these precious oils.

The connection deepened instantly. Months of research, experimenting and observing followed. With time, I derailed my fear of everything new and unknown and went on to build Ntuka. ​


Like any small independent business, I do hope to grow, learn and develop Ntuka as a sustainable and conscious business that is special on every level

 Binkie (Founder)

I live in Bristol with my husband and our two daughters. We have been living in Bristol since 2001 when we relocated to the UK from Botswana. To those that know me well, it would come as no surprise to them that I felt encouraged to start Ntuka

As a young adult, I always looked for natural alternatives to everything within my reach in order to care for myself. I now appIy that same principle in my older adult life as a mother and a wife to care for myself and my family. I am pretty sure that, this way of doing things has very much to do with my upbringing.


I was born and raised in the then rural Mochudi, Botswana where I spent most of my childhood until the age of 15. Most of the school holidays were spent away from the village at my grandparent's farm in the company of my siblings, a few cousins, my grandmother, one neighbour and the wild. ​Then you could go for days without seeing or hearing the voice of anyone else other than our voices for days on end.

Our lives were dependent on nothing but nature. This is where our food came from and where we sourced our medicines. I am complete rural village girl at heart and still have strong memories of my childhood in the wild where nature prevailed.​ So for me, Ntuka is an extension of those early days. I was taught from an early age to respect and cherish nature and I have not forgotten. 

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