This is an important notice for my loyal customers who are my constant source of support and to those lovely people that do visit this site:

I am currently in the process of improving my products by introducing as many organic ingredients as it is possible to my formulations.


Certified ingredients from suppliers that I can trust and really believe that they know what they are doing.

All the products will now be made with certified organic essential oils from a UK based company that sell the best quality and wonderfully pure essential oils in the world as far as they are concerned and as far as I am concerned!


These beautiful, fresh smelling aromas are simply a delight to work with and I am hoping that you will be able feel and sense that joy when you finally get to use them.

This change allows me to offer you even better product benefit with the knowledge that I am delivering to you the purest skincare with gorgeous plant perfume that you can fully trust. 

I am hoping that I will have your favourite facial oils back in stock in a few weeks and a couple more new wonderful face moisturisers once I have them certified.

So please do not be alarmed when you do see that the prices have increased slightly.


This is simply the result of this change. It comes with a cost that I would argue is worth every penny. 

Thank you all for your unwavering support. I appreciate all of it,


©  Ntuka Skincare                                                

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